A little about us

    Are you looking to improve on your athletic performance? Sick of getting injuries and want to become stronger, faster and last longer than your opponent?

    As more and more people strive to participate and compete in sport, at SMART FITNESS we set out to create a solution to the lack of sport specific fitness instruction and delivery available to sports enthusiasts in the North East.

    Here you will find qualified and experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches who focus on providing scientifically underpinned services to individuals, groups and teams.

  • Why Choose SMART FITNESS

    Are you tired of training and not getting results?

    Have you had just about enough of standard gym packages? Are you tired of training and not getting results? If you are looking for a more tailored and innovative training, then SMART FITNESS have got the programmes for you.

    SMART FITNESS offers training in a positive, safe, and professional environment. With training systems designed by Teleri Hamilton and her team of expert coaches, SMART FITNESS offers strength and conditioning expertise that you won’t find anywhere else. We believe in an athletic approach to training, harnessing the power of functional integrated training (F.I.T.).

    SMART FITNESS offers a high performance training environment designed for those looking to make a commitment to their long-term athletic development. SMART FITNESS provides its members with an environment in which they can identify and work toward quantifiable improvements both inside and outside the training facility.

    With an emphasis on individualised goals and needs, each member is provided with unique programming, nutritional tips and guidelines, and the coaching necessary to carry out these measures effectively. Our coaches do not just make up your programme off the top of their head as they go. All our programmes are designed specific to you, your goals, your abilities and with the aim of getting results. Our coaches write detailed monthly programmes for you to see and your long-term program structure is mapped out. You do not get results from working out; you get results by following a structured program. Because all our coaches work together as a team you get the benefit of the combined knowledge of our full staff. All our programmes are overseen by our senior coach giving you quality of programme you simply will not find anywhere else. It is important!

    At SMART FITNESS we have training packages that will suit everyone, no matter what your age, gender, sport, athletic or fitness abilities. SMART FITNESS delivers a premium product and our coaches work hard to ensure that our members achieve their personal goals. We believe that we have created a training environment that is accessible to everyone.

  • Come and Meet Us

    Say hello

    We understand that deciding between the numerous fitness trainers available is difficult. Will this coach understand my needs?  Will I enjoy this type of training?  Will the staff appreciate my business after the sale? These are fair questions that can only be answered by coming in to meet us and having a free no-obligation evaluation.  It’s hard to hide bad service, poor staff or a lack of knowledge face-to-face.

    So come in and you’ll meet with a qualified coach – we don’t have salespeople, meet our staff and decide for yourself.  If we’re not up to your standards, if we’re not the best, then don’t become a member. It’s that simple.

    You can reach us by asking a question below or by phone at 0191 645 2535, or stop by and visit us in person to set up your free SMART Fitness Body Blueprint.

  • Functional.Intergrated.Training (F.I.T.)

    The best way to train

    We believe we have the best fitness training facility in the Newcastle Gosforth area, with the most attentive and knowledgeable staff, the most cutting edge training methods and a clean and comfortable training environment. You won’t find a more qualified or more highly trained set of coaches anywhere.
    At Smart Fitness we have training packages that will suit everyone, no matter what your age, gender, sport, athletic or fitness goals. We have created a high performance training environment that is accessible to everyone.

    At Smart Fitness we follow the F.I.T. principles when developing our individually tailored training programmes.

    Functional: adjective – “capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed”

    Whether you need to improve your core strength to eliminate back ache from running or you need to develop the strength and power to make a match saving tackle, we will make sure that your training programme meets your individual needs.

    Integrated: adjective – “combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole”

    Our experience allows us to draw on a wide range of tried and tested training techniques. Once we have completed your individual evaluation we will develop a training programme that incorporates a combination of training techniques that will give you the results that you want.

    Training: noun – “the education, instruction, or discipline of a person or thing that is being trained”

    We will take you through your training step by step. We will not only help you get improvements but we will help you develop a better understanding of how your body works and how to train it to maximise your results.

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