• The Marathon Man Makes It!

    For the last two years, Richie Houghton, the Marathon man, has been attempting to break the 3 hour 30 min barrier, with his latest addition being The Berlin Marathon (26.5 miles). Richie’s previous marathons include: 13/4/14 London- 3hrs 53mins 36secs 25/04/14 Edinburgh- 3hrs 48mins 55secs He also completed: 17/05/15 Dukeries, Nottinghamshire (30mile) – 4hrs 46mins

  • Smart Fitness members at the World Triathlon Championships

    For our latest blog we find out a bit about about two of our members, Ian & Tracey, who are about to head out to the World Triathlon Championships. Where and when are the Championships taking place? Chicago – 16-19 September.  There a number of different events – aquathlon (swim & run), elite triathlon and

  • Why are the Glutes Important?

    The gluteal complex is a complex of three muscles located at the posterior side of the hips. When working correctly the glutes are some of the strongest muscles in the body.  These muscles allows us to keep ourselves upright as they are part of the core musculature. They produce movement at the hip and thigh

  • Smart Fitness Member Testimony – Gosforth Park Ladies Golf Club

        In our latest installment of member testimonies we here from Gosforth Park Ladies Golf Club (GPLGC) how they have benefited from training here at Smart Fitness Who are you? We are a group of lady golf members of GPLGC with an age range from mid 40’s to early 70’s. We exercise from Sept

  • What is Strength & Conditioning?

    Just what is Strength and Conditioning? The term Strength and Conditioning is often a term that can be heard discussed around various health and fitness environments. But just what is Strength & Conditioning and what exactly is the role of a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Coach? The role of the S&C Coach is to bridge

  • Smart Fitness Member Testimony – Sophie

      What’s your name – Sophie Wickham   Do you take part in any particular sport, if so at what level?? Yes I take part in Triathlon. I am a British Team Age Group Competitor and National Championships runner-up   How long have you been training at Smart Fitness?? 3+ months   How did you

  • Northern England Sprint Champion

    On Sunday 1st February Smart Fitness member Charlotte Richardson competed in the Northern England Indoor Athletic Championships. The Championships were held at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield with Charlotte competing in the 60m and 200m sprints in the under 13 age range. Charlotte did amazingly well taking gold in both distances. A truly

  • Core Stability and Strength

    Each time the body performs a movement load is transferred. Compound movements and exercises require more than one join to be working through their range of motion. A movement pattern can be as simple as bending down to pick something up off the floor, standing up from a chair or performing a squat with load. 

  • Breaking Records!!

    Earlier this year we featured one of our members here at Smart Fitness, who is an up and coming star 60m runner Charlotte Richardson and runs for Gateshead Harriers On Thursday 4th December Charlotte broke the Girls Under 13 60m club record with a of time of 8.2 secs. A truly fantastic achievement! You can see her

  • Why Strength is important for Skiing and Snowboarding

    Skiing and Snowboarding are physically demanding sports. The level of strength a person has will shape the degree to which they are able to complete the physical demands and skills required of that sport. Strength can be defined as the power or ability to resist force, strain or wear. When considering this in relation to the demands of skiing and