We work in partnership with Newcastle Physiotherapy, one of the best Physiotherapists in the North East. Our combined expertise gives patients and athletes the maximum potential to rehabilitate and get back to full fitness.
Darren Wigg and his team’s philosophy is aimed at improving biomechanics and restoring the optimal length/tension relationships of muscles and joints. Your rehabilitation process can then be continued at SMART FITNESS where we use proven Sport Performance based rehabilitation and traditional strength training techniques, known to us as STRIVE – Strength Training Rehabilitation for Increased Vocational Effectiveness.

Our coaches will communicate and work alongside your physiotherapist to provide you with a tailored programme to transition the injured site into working with the rest of the body and add the endurance and strength conditioning modules as needed. As a result, we have seen that our patients are less frequently reinjured, get better, stay better, and perform better.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.