Semi Private Training

To enable us to deliver this standard of training in a commercial setting we have introduced the (new to the UK) concept of semi-private training. You are coached in a small group setting with 3-4 clients and one coach. You follow your own individual programme, with the small intimate numbers allowing the coach to observe assess and guide everyone. We find this is an extremely positive, highly motivating environment; you will meet new friends from different training backgrounds with every body pulling in the same direction. Before you know it you will be hitting goals you never thought possible and enjoying the pleasure of seeing your new friends hit theirs.

SMART FITNESS offers a premium product and we work hard to ensure our members achieve their personal goals. Our monthly fees start as low as £145 per month and we also offer some special short-term and metabolic training packages. Our clients have confirmed that the money they spend at SMART FITNESS gives them an extraordinary return on investment, given the value of improving their fitness levels.

There are NO JOINING FEES, EVER. The minimum monthly membership commitment is 3 months. Why? Because in 3 months you can expect to see top level results, if you decide to leave after this time, then at least we’ve done our job.

There are NO quick fixes, shortcuts or secret exercises. All results depend on sacrifice, determination, commitment and consistency. We help by providing you with an abundant supply of each.