• Goal Setting

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    Happy New Year!!

    With a New Year, comes new resolutions. In order to make our goals more realistic and achievable, we use SMART principles.

    The first principle is Specific, meaning the goal is personalised and significant to you, ensuring you are more likely to adhere and achieve your goal. Measurable, the goal has a way of being measured or tested in order to see an improvement, this can be used as a motivational tool. Achievable, the goal needs to be a challenge but is also attainable and not too out of reach. Realistic, linked to the achievable principle, the goal you set must be a reasonable challenge, which with hard work will be achieved. There should be a sense of reward and achievement for you achieving your goal.  Timed, the goal set should have a time limit, so that the goal has an end and a date for measuring the results. Throughout the period of your goal you should track what processes you are putting in place and the progress you are making.

    Goal Setting 1

    Applying the SMART principles to a general goal of wanting to lose weight this year. Make it specific, I want to lose 1 stone by the 15th March 2018. It’s measurable, as we can weigh ourselves at the beginning and then at stages throughout to see the progress. It’s achievable and realistic, it is a long-term goal that follows the guidelines of losing a couple of pounds a week and with hard work, it is a goal that can be achieved. There is also a time limit on the goal so that you have a sense of achievement.

    In order to achieve your goal you must have a plan and be consistent. Your plan could be setting mini goals to change daily habits, one at a time that will lead to long term results. These habit changes will not only help you achieve your goal but make better life choices. The changes can be small for example taking the stairs instead of the lift, or choosing to go out for a short walk after dinner instead of sitting on the sofa all night. These habits will have a positive impact on your mood and lead to more positive changes on your life. Being consistent isn’t always easy when situations arise that could derail our journey. You need to be flexible and ensure your focus remains on the end goal. Remember every little helps!

    Here at Smart Fitness we want to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch and make that first step towards turning 2018 into a great year.