• Marathon Rich Takes New York

    On the 6th November 2016 Smart Fitness member Richard Houghton took in the New York Marathon. Rich had been putting in the hard miles on the road and in the gym and was aiming for an age specific time that would allow him to qualify for any of the major city marathons around the world next year. The strength work he has been doing here at Smart Fitness has ensured that his body is robust enough to cope with the rigors of marathon training, along with ensuring Rich moves as optimally and efficiently as possible.

    Rich completed the New York Marathon in a fantastic time of 3 hours and 3 seconds, (3:03:46 to be precise)! Well within times set for his age range by some of the other major marathon cities around the world.

    Congratulations Rich we’re all super proud of you!

    Next stop London, watch this space!