We work very closely as a team here at SMART FITNESS, so you’ll probably meet and work with each of our team at some point while you’re working out. Our coaches teach the same philosophy. Our philosophy is Functional Integrated Training (F.I.T). Our philosophy works, we all believe in it! A gym full of different coaches all believing, following and teaching the same philosophy is a new approach and it has endless benefits. It means when your coach is away you can still train and receive guidance from any one of our team of coaches! It means your coach can recommend you take sessions coached by other members of the team so that you can follow a full and varied program all under one roof! It means you get the combined knowledge of our whole staff all the time!

The programme you are given to train with remains exactly the same, and will change every 4-6 weeks - regardless of who the fitness coach you are working out with is.

Your schedule is the most important factor to us in determining who we assign to work with you.

Any problems or questions with regard to your training program or schedule; please do not hesitate to contact any member of our team.