• Member Testimony – Johan Gausden

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    What’s your name? 

    Johan Gausden.


    Do you take part in any particular sport, if so at what level?

    Climbing, cycling and running. Climbing and cycling are done purely as hobbies, whereas I compete in running at an amateur level, usually in races which have a mountain marathon format.


    How long have you been training at Smart Fitness?

    For about five months.


    How did you first find out about Smart Fitness?

    Through word of mouth. At the spring OMM Lite ’16 I mentioned to Stu (the event organiser) that I had a foot injury, and was pointed towards Smart Fitness for an initial assessment. After receiving physio treatment from Newcastle Physiotherapy for my foot injury I began training at Smart Fitness.


    What were your training goals when you first started & how have they changed?

    My main goal was to fix my right foot/leg which had been injured due to overcompensating for the left foot/leg. That’s now sorted, but I’m aiming to sort out a whole host of other imbalances that were highlighted through the initial movement assessment, and the ongoing training I’m receiving at Smart Fitness. The training has also had a noticeable impact on my running; I’m now running faster and for longer at an increased pace, despite doing very little actual running training over the past few months.


    How has training at Smart Fitness helped you progress towards achieving your goals?

    My initial goal has been met, but I have a few big races coming up in the next few months. Aims to complete the Montane Spine Challenger sub-40 hours, and to repeat the Old County Tops in sub 8:30 hours are high on the list, and it feels as though the training with Smart Fitness is helping a lot towards these goals by improving posture, and increasing overall strength and balance.


    Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

    In the past I never would have set foot inside a gym however the way my training is tailored specifically to my goals, along with the very friendly and approachable team, has meant I always enjoy my training sessions. The training never gets easier, but that’s the point…

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