• Nathans British Triumph

    A Huge Congratulations to Nathan who over the weekend competed in the British Masters Weightlifting Championship and took the Silver Medal. Nathan who is our Gym Manager and one of our Strength and Conditioning Coaches has been training hard for a number of months in preparation for this competition. The day started well with Nathan

  • Wellness and Longevity Part 2

    In the first part of this blog about Wellness and Longevity we looked at diet. Namely how having a healthy out look towards food & nutrition helps to shape a healthy lifestyle. Which in turn contributes to our Wellness and Longevity. In the second part of this blog we’re going to look at exercise. In

  • Wellness and Longevity Part 1

    Wellness and Longevity  Part 1 Maintaining good health is essential to general wellness and longevity of life. In today’s sedentary society inactivity is at an all-time high and at the same time the levels of clinical obesity continue to rise. Poor health, including obesity can lead to a range of health issues. High blood pressure,

  • Goal Setting

    Happy New Year!! With a New Year, comes new resolutions. In order to make our goals more realistic and achievable, we use SMART principles. The first principle is Specific, meaning the goal is personalised and significant to you, ensuring you are more likely to adhere and achieve your goal. Measurable, the goal has a way

  • The Importance and Role of Recovery

      Muscle Damage and Fatigue: One of the consequences of high intensity training and competition is muscle damage and fatigue. This is a result of working to a point where the muscle contractile properties are damaged as well as a depletion of the muscles energy source and oxygenated blood causing waste chemicals to be left

  • Conquering the Challenge Peguera-Mallorca

      The Challenge Peguera-Mallorca is a world renowned Half Iron-man Race that this year celebrated this year its fourth edition. It consists of covering a grueling 70.3 miles through a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle, followed by a 13.1 mile run. The race set in some of the most picturesque part of Mallorca

  • Goodbye injuries, Hello PB’s!

    Here is Kevin’s story, in his own words, on the importance of combined physio and S&C training and how it got him back to top performance. I first started running again just before my 30th birthday in 2012. I hadn’t really done any running since my school days where I was decent at cross country

  • Marathon Man does it Again!

      On 23rd April over 40,000 runners took part in the 2017 London Marathon, taking to the streets of the capital for the 26.2 mile distance. Smart Fitness member Rich Houghton was part of the record number of runners with one particular goal; to complete the distance in under 3 hours. Rich has been training

  • Strength training for pain management…we’re not just about athletes!

      We have a varied client base here at Smart Fitness and pride ourselves in being able to offer help and support to a wide spectrum of people. One of our clients wanted to share her experience of training at Smart Fitness and tell her story as to how the training has helped with her

  • Marathon Rich Takes New York

    On the 6th November 2016 Smart Fitness member Richard Houghton took in the New York Marathon. Rich had been putting in the hard miles on the road and in the gym and was aiming for an age specific time that would allow him to qualify for any of the major city marathons around the world