• Strength training for pain management…we’re not just about athletes!


    Pain Management

    We have a varied client base here at Smart Fitness and pride ourselves in being able to offer help and support to a wide spectrum of people.

    One of our clients wanted to share her experience of training at Smart Fitness and tell her story as to how the training has helped with her pain management.

    1. What was the reason you first contacted Smart Fitness?

    I was referred to smart fitness by a friend who also trains here.  She thought the training would help with reducing my back pain. 

    In 2013 I had a spine fusion at c6/c7, I have degeneration at c4/c5, and as a result of the operation I have nerve damage in the left arm and hand, I am also prone to arthritis in this area.

    While recovering from this procedure my lower spine which I had previously managed with a bit of yoga decided it wasn’t playing, a year following the fusion I had a discectomy at L5/S1 which although successful in reducing my right leg pain has resulted in severe chronic pain.

    So lots to work with!!

    2. Were you confident in what you were told at your assessment and what you would be doing within your training sessions?

    I did feel confident in my assessment and was reassured by the professionalism of the team. I was slightly dubious about what I would be covering in my training sessions as I didn’t have the confidence in myself and at the beginning I was also lacking confidence in who I trusted to give me information and support me.

    1. Had you done any form of gym training or strength training previously

    Before my “injury” I had previously been a member of a gym but not really done much in terms of strength training.

    1. How long have you been training at Smart Fitness?

    I started end of February 2016, so just over a year now.

    1. How do you feel physically since starting your training with Smart Fitness?

    Before I started training I was unable to stand for prolonged periods, and walking any distance was also difficult.  I took a concoction of anti-inflammatory and neuropathic painkillers and a regular daily dose of paracetamol.  My training sessions were an attempt to strengthen my core in order for me to support my spine better so as to reduce my pain.

    My results I think are pretty amazing. My overall strength has improved so much, my core strength has made a huge difference to my pain levels, I can stand much longer – and achieve the time that I want to stand for – watching my kids at skiing lessons! I don’t want to walk for miles but I am certainly able to walk further than this time last year – which has made a huge difference to the quality of my life.

    I now take a natural remedy as an anti-inflammatory, I still take my neuropathic painkillers but feel that pain is stable, and paracetamol is just for headaches!

    1. Have you any other comments regarding your training sessions and what you are working together with Smart Fitness to achieve?

    I have pushed myself at every session to try my very hardest and work through my programme, I have enjoyed the variety of my programme and also appreciate that when we have found something, only once I think, that wasn’t quite going to plan that you have adapted my sessions to work within my range – except when I know you are giving me a push! I have felt supported when trying new parts to my programme but also trust that if I’m not working correctly then straightaway you pick up on it, I feel very safe.

    Safety and trust is important to me and I can say wholeheartedly I feel safe in what you are asking me to do.

    My year at Smart Fitness has built my trust and confidence, strengthened my core and overall fitness and allowed me to reduce my painkillers as there is a marked improvement in some of the pain I experience on a daily basis.

    Thanks to the team at Smart Fitness, I appreciate so much the difference this is making xxxxx


    Many thanks to Caroline for sharing her story and we hope this encourages many others in similar situations to explore the option of strength training for pain management.