“Thanks to SMART FITNESS, my gains in strength and core stability have allowed me to train injury free for the first time in 5 years. With a specifically developed programme, I have seen a step change in my running which has allowed me to achieve my goals.”

Tracey Sample (Triathlete and SMART FITNESS member)


“Teleri was my first ever Strength and Conditioning Coach 6 years ago, and it’s great to be working with her again now!  She brings professionalism and a ‘personal touch’ to SMART FITNESS and without the knowledge and support of the coaches here I don’t believe I would be as fit, strong and injury free. This is the platform I always needed, setting me well on my way to achieving my goals. SMART FITNESS recognise the individual and work on that detail which makes them excel.”

Karen Johns (800m Runner and SMART FITNESS Member)


“Teleri has been a fantastic coach from day one; she has helped me to build up my confidence and to understand the importance of S&C training.  Teleri put together programmes that I was also able to follow at home. She knew exactly what I needed to do to improve my body, to become a stronger and better footballer.”

Chloe “Duracell” Johnson (Sunderland U17’s and SMART FITNESS member)


“I started training at SMART FITNESS in the Netball off season to keep my fitness up, now our season is under way I have noticed a huge difference with my strength on the ball and my stamina to out run my opponent particularly in the second half of the match.  I even feel more confident wearing my netball dress!”

Sarah Mercer (Netball player and SMART FITNESS member)


“The squad worked with Teleri leading up to the Tri-services Snowsport Championships in February 2011, the specialist approach given in our training camps was second to none.  Testing, programming and providing individualized sessions and exercises which improved everyone’s strength and fitness.  The recovery strategies she inflicted on us, although somewhat uncomfortable at times (ice baths!), were so effective in preventing injuries and allowing us to train at our best for 3weeks solid.  Keeping everyone fit and strong allowed the Navy ski team to perform their best and win the championship for the first time in 47 years!”

Chris Sharrott (Navy Ski Team Captain) 


“I worked with Teleri for 3 years and gained a great communication system with her so she was able to help me improve. She understood my school commitments making it easier to work around as well as my time in the pool. She was interested in my swimming which made the work we did together much more beneficial. She strengthened me in all my weak areas as well as maintaining other areas. She also gave me great injury prevention exercises to help me succeed. As well as working out I learnt a lot too, she took time and interest in me which gave me the gains to get where I am today. Great coach and highly recommended!”

Jessica Thielmann (18, GB 800/1500m Freestyle Swimmer)


“I only had Teleri coach me for for a year but in that time it was a great training experience. She took time and precision in making an individual strength and conditioning programme and my swimming really benefited as a result of her efforts.”

Kathryn Woolston-Thomas (17, GB 200m Freestyle Swimmer)


“I started training with SMART FITNESS after a knee injury, and wanted to return to full fitness for the start of the rugby season. The initial evaluation was very professional and they helped me plan what I needed to do with my training schedule to get the results I wanted in the appropriate time scale. Starting slowly and gradually building up the personally designed programmes have massively improved my physical fitness and performance on the rugby pitch. I have never started the rugby season feeling so strong and fit.”

Richy Harrison (Rugby Player and SMART FITNESS member).


“The SMART FITNESS programmes are the most professional, disciplined, focused and effective I have been involved in since I left the Marines 3 years ago. The sessions are variable, challenging and exciting. I would never hesitate to recommend SMART FITNESS to anyone.”

Stuart Hamilton (Rugby player and SMART FITNESS member)