• The Ultimate Swim Run Event!

    On 13th August two of our Smart Fitness members took part as a tandem team in the Swim Run event at Casco Bay, Portland, Maine in the United States. The event took part within an inlet of the Maine river, which features 136 islands, a very natural setting for swimrunning. The race consisted of 17.7km running and 6.3km swimming for a total of 24km across a variety of trails and varying distances of open water. In all a 100 teams took part with our own Tracey and Ian being one of those teams. Tracey and Ian who were tethered to each other throughout the race managed to complete the grueling event in under 5 hours. Tracey goes on to describe the event:

    ‘I’m happy to tell you we survived the SwimRun and wanted to thank you in particular for getting me to the start line. Considering how bad my hip and shoulder were even as recently as the end of May, I’ve no idea how I got through the 4 miles of swimming with my shoes on and 11 miles of running/rock scrambling in under 5 hours to finish completely in the middle of the pack. The course was divided in to 8 runs and 8 swims of varying distances. Whilst I thought my shoulder would be fine for the shorter 500-900m swims with the breaks in between, I was worried that my shoulder would not hold up to 30 odd minutes’ relentless mile swims we had to do, but I’m pleased to say it did. We were tethered together the whole time which made both the runs and the swims very interesting as we both swim and run at very different paces!!

    We could have been much quicker if I’d been able to train better for long distances and if we didn’t both pull to the left with our swimming. We ended up going the long way round in a couple of the swims as the predominant current was to the left too, pushing us off course.

    We managed to get through the course without too many tumbles although I did go over hard once towards the end the race as fatigue was beginning to kick in. We both ended up with nasty wet suit burns from running in our wet suits along with cuts and bruises from climbing on the sharp rocks in and around each of the bays but we loved every minute of the event.

    I absolutely could not have done this event a month ago. All the work the coaches at Smart Fitness put in with me helped get me strong enough to not only survive the event but even enjoy the race!’

    Well done Tracey and Ian, we’re all super proud of you!!